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The required licenses for chartering

Required licenses to charter a sailing yacht:

No matter wheather you are a rookie or an experienced veteran - we'll find the rigth yacht for you! On this page you will find out what license is needed for which destination.

What qualifications do i need ?

In general your personal experience and self-confidence to sail a yacht on your own is much more important than a specific license.

A sailing license is required by authorities in mediterranean countries and most of europe (incl. Canary islands). This license can be a sailing certificate or, in some cases, a letter from a recognised yacht club.

In Croatia and german waters you will also need a VHF-short-range-certificate.

In oversea destinations only a single signed page, the experience list, is required.

Whatever your qualifications are, please keep in mind that the charter companies reserve the right to place a skipper (at your expence) on your yacht, if they feel it is not safe for you to sail.

Can i go on a sailing cruise if do not have any license at all ?

If you do not have a license yet there a number of possibilities to explore. Some of them are:

  • Charter with a Skipper: Every yacht we offer can be booked with a skipper. He will be in charge of navigation (of course with your input) and will show you the best places in the destination. Please note that the skipper will need an extra cabin and has to be provided with food and drink.
  • Cabin Cruise: Oversea destinations offer cruises on yachts where you can simply book a berth or a whole cabin. Explore the destination with like-minded people under the guidance of the experienced skipper. The language on the yachts is english or french. The skipper always speaks english.
  • Crewed yacht charter: A dream holiday is the charter of sailing yacht and you don't have to waorry about anything. The big yachts are manned with a skipper and at least a cook. The professional crew is eager to forfill any of your wishes. This is first-class holiday the way it should be!
  • Flotilla: Some charter companies offer flotilla sailing in the mediteranean sea and the caribbean. A flotilla is a group of yachts that sail together through a destination. A professional skipper accompanies the flotilla on one of the yachts. The skipper can give good advice and help where needed. This offer is mainly for people who already have a little experience but would prefer the help of a profesional skipper around them. You will not need a license if you have a prrof of experience.
  • Boating Holiday: Chartering a motorized boat / houseboat on rivers and lakes in europe is license-free. Discover the beauty of rivers in France, Holland, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Italy.

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