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Lagoon 450 - 450 | 4 cabins (2010)

With skipper
Super owner

From €1,000 per day

Lagoon - 39 | 4 cabins (2017)

With skipper

From €686 per day

Lagoon - 450 | 4 cabins (2012)

With skipper

From €900 per day

Lagoon - Lagoon 410 | 4 cabins (2003)

Saint Julian's
With skipper

From €723 per day

FOUNTAINE PAJOT - LAVEZZI 40 | 4 cabins (2003)

With skipper
 27  · Super owner

From €751 per day

LAGOON - LAGOON 440 | 3 cabins (2008)

With skipper
 17  · Super owner

From €536 per day

Lagoon - 420 | 2 cabins (2015)

With skipper

From €1,470 per day

LAGOON - 410 | 4 cabins (2004)

With skipper

From €678 per day

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Prepare yourself for the sailing trip of a lifetime in Malta

Located south of Sicily, Malta is the hidden gem of the Mediterranean. The beautiful country is covered in crystal clear waters, colourful bays, and a variety of different beaches. Malta is an easy-to-reach sailing destination and simply one of the best snorkelling areas in Europe. The Maltese archipelago is made up of three main islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino, each of which are filled with fascinating sites and history to discover. What better way to explore these islands than a catamaran rental in Malta?

How much does it cost to rent a private catamaran in Malta?

The cost of your catamaran rental in Malta can vary depending on the season, the size of the vessel, the size of your party and the length of your voyage. The addition of a skipper and/or crew will also likely increase the cost.

In general, a catamaran rental for 12 people in Malta ranges from around €5,000/week in low season to €7,000/week in high season.

Have your dream holiday experience in Malta

Malta presents an idyllic location for sailing as it is surrounded by secret coves and stunning beaches that are perfect for relaxing. Fortunately, Malta offers an optimal climate throughout all the seasons with pleasant temperatures, sunshine, and reliable sailing winds.


The temperature typically ranges from 15 degrees Celsius in the winter to around 27 degrees in the summer.


Malta typically has very little rainfall, being dry for around 240 days a year with an average humidity of 73%. For the most part, it usually rains during the autumn and winter.


Due to its temperate climate, Malta has very low variations of wind, with about 3 Bft of winds in the summer and 4 Bft for the autumn, winter, and spring.


Of course, your catamaran charter in Malta would not be complete without visiting some of their most popular attractions. With so much to offer, it is no wonder that Malta is one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations!


If you visit Malta, you should be sure to visit the capital, Valetta. The city is covered in beautiful and historic architecture that hosts a variety of wonderful gardens and museums that are sure to keep you entertained. Your catamaran charter can also lead you to discover the deep cultural roots of Malta by visiting three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The City of Valetta, the megalithic temples, and Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. These astounding landmarks have been preserved for thousands of years and are a great way to get to know Maltas history.


Thanks to its natural cliffs and rocky landscape, Malta is one of the best diving destinations in the world, home to gorgeous reefs, caves, and even shipwrecks. When you venture around in the catamaran, make sure to leave time for swimming in the water! Not only is the water an ideal temperature to cool off in the summer months, but it is filled with unique marine life such as octopi, flying fish, and sometimes even dolphins. If you are brave enough, you can even explore some of the shipwrecks located off the coast such as the wreck of the HMS Maori from 1942.

As you can see, there are countless options waiting for you during your catamaran hire in Malta. Book your boat now to create unforgettable memories.

Should you rent a catamaran in Malta with a skipper or crew?

Many private catamaran charters in Malta have the option to hire a skipper and a crew. While they come with an extra price, there are various benefits to having these on board with you as you explore the beautiful Malta archipelago that can ultimately lead to a more enjoyable experience. Firstly, this means that you and your party do not have to know how to sail, and you can relax as a professional takes care of the sailing, docking, and anchoring of the boat. Additionally, a skipper will be experienced with the waters and thus be able to tailor the journey to meet your desires as well as teach you about the local islands, history, and culture. Finally, a skipper and crew can cook and clean for you, providing a deluxe experience that makes you feel safe and taken care of in Malta.

Where else can you rent a catamaran near Malta?

Of course, a more extensive rental period gives you the opportunity to sail farther and visit other beautiful places in the Mediterranean! A popular journey to make is from Malta to Italy as the two countries are both beautiful and within proximity. If you choose to cruise through the cool waters towards the western coast of Italy, you cannot miss the Amalfi Coast, and if you have even more time- Sardinia! If you really have time, you can head towards Greece and glide through the turquoise waters to reach the Cyclades, Sporades, and/or the Ionian Islands. Renting your catamaran for longer periods gives you the best chance to witness more breath-taking sights of the Mediterranean.

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