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Fishing Boat Rental in Croatia

For all passionate fishers, Croatia is a must! With plenty of coastal and deep-sea fishing opportunities, you will not want to miss a chance to get out on the water during your next vacation.

Get away from it all, test your skills (and patience!), to try new lures, new spots, new materials, there is always something exciting and at the same time relaxing about fishing. With a fishing boat rental in Croatia, enjoy fishing year-round, especially in the warm summer months of July and August, with your friends and family on board, and without spending too much! 

You don't have to own a boat to enjoy a day of fishing, Click&Boat will help you find the ideal boat hire in Croatia for your leisure and vacation!

How much does it cost to rent a fishing boat in Croatia?

The price of renting a fishing boat in Croatia is dependent on several factors. Such as the age and model of the boat, as well as the sailing season and duration of the rental. Click&Boat offers a large fleet of boats in Croatia, so it’s possible to find your ideal boat, based on your needs and budget.

  • The average cost for a fishing boat in Croatia is between £215/day and £430/day, depending on the factors mentioned above. 

The specific destination of your boat rental may also influence the price. So, be sure to check out some of our favorite local fishing destinations in Croatia:

Fishing in Croatia

For most fishing enthusiasts, it doesn't matter the place, but the experience! Croatia is full of destinations, fresh and saltwater that can provide you and your family/friends with a good day of fishing. 

If you are already planning your next vacation, and want to include some fishing time in your itinerary, you have come to the right place! The Adriatic sea and coastlines are dotted with harbors with charters waiting to set sail.

From Zadar to Sibenik to Vodice, get ready to go deep-sea fishing. Enjoy a great time on board catching bluefin tuna and swordfish!

Why hire a fishing boat with Click&Boat?

Click&Boat, the global leading boat rental service, offers diverse boat rental options for whatever your needs! From planned boat trips, sailing boats, motorboats,luxury yachts and fishing charters- we do it all! Renting a boat in Croatia has never been so easy. 

During your stay, enjoy the sights of national parks, nearby islands, the Dalmatian coast, and Kvarner Bay- but be sure to make time to get out on the water. Charter a boat to fish, swim, snorkel, try water sports or just enjoy the natural beauty of the shorelines.

Guests can personalize their fishing trip from start to finish. By selecting their destination of choice, their dream boat, the rental duration and whether or not they would like a skipper and/or crew on board. 

By renting a boat with a skipper, enjoy an unforgettable hands-on fishing and sailing experience with knowledgeable locals. Let your captain take care of navigating, docking, and setting up the fishing rods while you and your friends enjoy the thrill of deep-sea fishing!

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