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Beneteau - Oceanis 51.1 | 4 cabins (2020)

From £901 per day


Beneteau - Oceanis 40.1 | 4 cabins (2022)

From £412 per day

Super owner
Discount offer

Sun Odyssey - 439 | 4 cabins (2011)

From £459 per day

Discount offer

Dufour - Dufour 460 Grand Large | 4 cabins (2020)

From £638 per day


BAVARIA - CRUISER 41 | 3 cabins (2014)

From £313 per day


BENETEAU - OCEANIS 46.1 | 4 cabins (2019)

From £601 per day

 2 · Super owner
Discount offer

ELAN - 444 IMPRESSION | 4 cabins (2012)

From £438 per day

Discount offer

Hanse - Hanse 508 | 6 cabins (2020)

From £888 per day

Discount offer

Hanse - 508 | 5 cabins (2020)

From £723 per day

Super owner

Jeanneau - Sun Odyssey 44 | 4 cabins (2020)

From £421 per day

Discount offer

Hanse - Hanse 418 | 3 cabins (2021)

From £482 per day

Discount offer

Beneteau - Oceanis 40.1 | 3 cabins (2022)

From £525 per day

10 · NYDRI

Bavaria - 44 with aircodition | 4 cabins (2004)

From £263 per day

Discount offer

Jeanneau - Sun Odyssey 509 | 5 cabins (2015)

From £726 per day


DUFOUR - 63 Exclusive | 4 cabins (2018)

From £2,689 per day

Super owner
9 · KOS

Bavaria - Cruiser 46 | 4 cabins (2020)

From £659 per day

Discount offer
10 · KOS

Bavaria - Cruiser 46 | 4 cabins (2020)

From £636 per day

Discount offer

Bavaria - Cruiser 51 | 5 cabins (2016)

From £763 per day

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Sailboat Hire in Greece

Countless islands and the perfect blend of sun and wind

In Greece, you will find a large number of different archipelagos. Each of them has all the ingredients for a unique and special Greek catamaran hire that you will remember with fondness for years to come. Along with the Mediterranean sun and reliable wind conditions, we are certain that you’ll have a fantastic time, whether you’re travelling with friends, family, or a mixture of the two.

From a simple cruising experience to a sporty adventure: Have a different experience in every region

Greece is a region of exceptional diversity. In some regions you can look forward to relaxed strolls along the beach, while in others you should expect something a little more adventurous, with strong winds and currents. For a relaxed trip, visit the protected areas in the Ionian Sea, the Saronic Gulf, or the Sporades. For a more sporty experience, visit the Cyclades or the Dodecanese, where you can benefit from the influence of the Meltemi wind. 

Have an epic adventure in the Land of the Gods on your Greek sailboat hire

Go on an enchanting cruise through the Mediterranean Sea and discover a world full of ancient ruins that offer a unique window into a past world. With a plethora of idyllic islands just a stone’s throw away, it’s no wonder that they are a veritable hub of tourist activity. From sporty sailing experiences to family holidays, or even luxurious cruises, you can make your sailboat hire in Greece whatever you want.

Set sail on your Greek sailboat hire and discover a different port every day!

Where can you go sailing when you hire a sailboat in Greece?

Greece boasts an impressive 3054 islands, only 87 of which are inhabited, which means that you have plenty of options. You should be prepared for exciting excursions and fantastic coastlines that will impress everyone, from the most experienced sailors, to those who have never set foot on a boat before. In general though, people consider that there are four main areas in which you can go sailing in Greece and in each of these areas,, there are two main bases from which you can start your journey. These bases are characterised by modern marinas with well-equipped facilities that ensure the perfect blend of fun and relaxation, even once you’ve dropped your anchor.

The main bases when setting sail in Greece are:

In the Cyclades

  • Athens
  • Lavrion

In the Ionian Sea

  • Corfu
  • Lefkas

In the Sporades

  • Skiathos
  • Volos

In the Dodecanese

  • Kos
  • Rhodes

What should you be aware of during a sailboat hire in Greece?

In order to ensure that your Greek sailboat hire goes smoothly, you should bear the following things in mind:

  • To set sail in Greece or any of its islands, you must be in possession of the International Certificate of Competence for Inland and Coastal Waters or the Sport-coastal Ship-licence. A second crew member must also have a sailing licence or proof of experience.
  • Many airlines offer cheap flights to Greece. However, you must remember that you will need to fly into a different airport, depending on your port of origin. If you have any questions about flights, we would be happy to offer you guidance via phone or email.
Flights should be booked to the following airports, depending on the starting point for your Greek sailboat hire:

Athens Airport

  • Athens
  • Lavrion

Corfu International Airport

  • Corfu

Preveza Airport

  • Lefkas

Airport Skiathos

  • Skiathos

Volos Airport

  • Volos

Kos Airport

  • Kos
  • Rhodes

Top Tip!

Get all your documentation before setting sail, in order to ensure that your trip is plain sailing.

What weather and sailing conditions can I expect in Greece?

The climate in Greece is predominantly Mediterranean, which means that you can expect temperatures ranging from 25 to 30°C in the summer, which lasts from May until September. In July and August, the temperatures can get as high as 40°C. During this time of the year, you won’t see much precipitation but there might be the occasional storm. During the winter, there is typically more precipitation, but the weather remains mild throughout. This means the summer months generally offer the best conditions for sailing.

What sailing conditions are especially important to consider during a sailboat hire in Greece?

Water depths and tides around the different sailing areas

When sailing in the eastern Mediterranean, the Saronic Gulf and the Cyclades, there is little to no tidal range, with the water level being more influenced by the wind than the tides.

In the Ionian Sea, the tidal range is also so small that it is insignificant at just 0.1 to 0.5 metres. The surface current here flows anti-clockwise towards the north along the coast. From here, it then turns west and flows south along the Italian coast. The strength of the current rarely reaches stronger than 1-1.5 knots, except in Preveza, where it can reach as high as 3 knots.

Which berths and ports can you stop by during a sailboat hire in Greece?

There are a large number of places from which you can hire a sailboat in Greece, both on the mainland, and the offshore islands.

In the Ionian Sea, be sure to stop by:

  • Corfu Town
  • Gastouri
  • Palaikastritsa
  • Gaios, Paxos
  • Lefkas Town
  • Preveza
  • Vonitsa
  • Parga

Make sure your cruise in the Dodecanese includes:

  • Kos
  • Kalymnos
  • Amorgos
  • Astypalea
  • Nysiros

Top areas in the Cyclades include:

  • Athens
  • Epidauros
  • Cape Sounian
  • Poros
  • Paros
  • Naxos
  • Mykonos
  • Santorini

In the Sporades, pay the following areas a visit:

  • Skyros
  • Alonnisos
  • Skopelos
  • Skiathos
  • Gulf of Volos

Wind conditions in Greece and the surrounding islands

The Meltemi winds are predominant throughout the eastern Mediterranean, especially in the Cyclades, Sporades, and Dodecanese in the summer months, where it causes multiple significant weather events with wind speeds of 4-6 on the Beaufort scale. These winds are especially noticeable during the day, but usually ease off in the evening. On a particularly stormy day, the speeds can get as high as 6-8 on the Beaufort scale and when this happens, the winds remain noticeable well into the night. For a calmer trip, you can instead try the Ionian Islands, where the wind speeds are rarely higher than 5 on the Beaufort scale.

Take a chance on the Scansail service and plan your next sailboat hire in Greece with us!

If you would like customised help planning your sailboat hire in Greece, feel free to get in contact with our customer service team, who will be happy to help you from 09:00 to 17:00 on +49 40 388422. We look forward to helping you book your dream sailing holiday!

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