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Scansail was founded in Hamburg in 1983 and began as a boat hire agency on the Baltic Sea, which gave rise to the brand. Since then, we have focused on providing personalised and individual service in our Hamburg office. The Scansail__/Strong__ guarantee: we do our best to match you with the boat that best suits your needs and to make your sailing trip an exceptional experience.

Although there are also many boats offered by hire agencies, you will find a wide variety of private offers on Scansail. The platform is based on the principle of the collaborative economy, facilitating boat hires between owners and sailors.

The private and professional boat hire platform

Scansail's platform is simple: owners can advertise their boat for free by providing photos, specifications, price and information about the sailing region. Interested parties can contact the owner directly via the Scansail messaging system and make a query with any questions they may have. In addition, owners can view the client's nautical qualifications so that they can choose the right tenant for their boat.

Through the platform, hirers can choose from a large range of boats in various boating areas, check the reviews of other hirers and contact the owner personally. This way you ensure a smooth, sailing experience - sail with Scansail!

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All Scansail vessels are insured for hire through their owners.


Scansail is a true community for sailors who want to hire their boat or hire directly from other owners at fair prices. Customers have trusted Scansail for many years, and for a good reason: . To help our community grow, please share this page and follow us on our social networks: you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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