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Really nice boat, we were a crew of 3 people, we put music, the speakers were really good, what was also nice it's just sitting on the back felling the waves it was really relaxing, the owner was really good with us. Now just a tip if you want to rent any boat without license: you need to stay maximum 2 miles far from the coast, and don't try to go to Tabarca with it like we did 😅, also for other info you have a map that tells you what you can and can't do on this boat, it's at the down right side by the steering wheel 😉


Wonderful family! It has been a big pleasure to spend a special day with them. When you have on board such nice, elegant and friendly persons this is only pleasure, not work.


Patrick takes very well care of his boat. Although she is 20 years old, everything onboard is in perfect working order. The engine is shiny and clean, recent, high grade GPS plotter, forward looking echosound, all necessary items available plus lots of extra's that you would also gather over the years. It's al here. Absolutely recommendable!


Jana and her friends have been friendliness and respectful. They had a very good navigation experience. I would recommend her as a renter to anyone. Thank you Jana !


Jade and Cendric are really cool guys, very kind and smiley persons!! The contact was really nice from the beginning until the rental day, they were always willing to text you on time.. They rented a boat with one of our skippers for a 5 hours trip, they had such a good behavior and even when there was a small problem with the engine, they faced it so cool without complaining and thats really made us to appreciate it so much replacing with one of the speed boats. Thank you guys and absolutely recommend them to everyone without any doubt!!


5 stars for that guests!! Niek rented a boat without skipper, he had some small experience but he followed all the instructions carefully, drove the boat safe and as it allowed and totally followed all the rules. The contact was really nice, they answered always on time and informed you for everything. Absolutely recommended, thank you guys and you are always welcome back!!

Carlo Andrea

We had the pleasure of hosting Melvin and his group on July 12th for a full-day private boat tour aboard our Pardo 43, “That’s Amore.” From the moment they arrived at Marina Grande in Capri, their enthusiasm and friendliness were evident. Melvin, his partner, and their friends were delightful guests, making the most of every moment of their adventure. They enjoyed a luxurious lunch at La Conca del Sogno and were genuinely captivated by the island’s beauty and the stunning caves. Their appreciation for the experience and our service was truly gratifying. We look forward to welcoming Melvin and his group back for more unforgettable journeys on the sea. Their positive attitude and joy made the day special for everyone involved. Carlo


Thank you so much for the lovely review! You guys were amazing and a real pleasure to have you on the boat. I would not hesitate to rent to you again! You were the perfect renter!

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