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Rental Motorboat Pontoon Pontus Melbourne

Pontoon - Pontus | 1 cabin (2022)

With a skipper

From $842 per day

Rental Motorboat Custom Built 40ft Motorboat Melbourne

Custom Built - 40ft Motorboat | (1945)

With a skipper

From $4,836 per day

Rental Sailboat Catalina 355 Melbourne

Catalina - 355 | 2 cabins (2011)

With a skipper

From $1,104 per day

Rental Sailboat Catalina 320 Mk11 Melbourne

Catalina - 320 Mk11 | 2 cabins (2008)

With a skipper

From $1,035 per day

Rental RIB Brig 5 Melbourne

Brig - 5 | (2012)

With a skipper

From $656 per day

Rental Motorboat Riviera 4000 Offshore Melbourne

Riviera - 4000 Offshore | 1 cabin (2018)

With a skipper

From $3,032 per day

Rental Motorboat Polycraft Bowrider Melbourne
Special offer

Polycraft - Bowrider | 1 cabin (2014)

Without a skipper

From $393 per day

Discover Melbourne on a Yacht Charter

Melbourne, known as Australia's cultural heart, is a lively city full of art, music, food, and natural beauty. It has a stunning coastline on the southeastern side of Australia, blending city charm with nature's wonders. The Yarra River flows right through the city, making it the prefect spot for a sailing vacation.

A private yacht charter in Melbourne lets you see the city's famous skyline in a new way and discover hidden spots on the coast. Whether you like fancy yachts, modern catamarans, or classic sailboats, Melbourne has the perfect boat for your sea adventure.

How Much Does It Cost for a Boat Charter in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, the cost to rent a boat can vary based on several factors. Prices often rise during the summer and holidays, but might be more affordable during quieter times. The duration of your rental, whether it's just a few hours or several days, can influence the price.

The city offers a range of boats, from small ones to luxurious yachts, with the latter being pricier. The location where you rent can also play a role in the cost, with some upscale marinas charging more. If you aren't a seasoned sailor or just want a stress-free experience, hiring a skipper will add to your bill. Additionally, extra amenities like water sports equipment or special catering can increase the cost.

Fuel is not included in the cost, and this will be added at the end of your trip based on the type of boat you have rented and the distance you have sailed.

Average cost of a yacht charter in Melbourne per day:

Motorboats: from $374 per day

RIB: from $624 per day

Sailboat: from $968 per day

How much does it cost to hire a skippered yacht in Melbourne?

The inclusion of a skipper in your boat rental usually adds an average of $100 to the daily rental fee, offering you peace of mind as you navigate Melbourne's waters.

How much does it cost to hire a crewed yacht in Melbourne?

The price for a crewed yacht can differ based on the boat, and sometimes it's part of the total cost. Always confirm this with the boat owner before your journey.

Where to Sail on a Private Yacht in Melbourne

Melbourne's coastline is a tapestry of stunning beaches, secluded islands, and picturesque coastal regions that are begging to be explored by boat. Here are some highlights for sailors:

• Port Phillip Bay: This vast expanse of water is dotted with serene beaches and delightful seaside towns. Anchoring near Brighton Beach, you can catch a glimpse of the iconic colorful bathing boxes, while St. Kilda offers a lively beachside culture with plenty of bars and restaurants.

• Mornington Peninsula: Sail south, and you'll find the breathtaking coastal region of Mornington Peninsula. Home to serene beaches like Sorrento and Portsea, it's a haven for those looking to relax on golden sands or explore calm turquoise waters.

• Philip Island: A little further southeast lies Philip Island, renowned for its wildlife. Aside from its beautiful coastline, you can witness the famous Penguin Parade at sunset or spot seals and dolphins.

• Great Ocean Road: While primarily a driving route, sailing along the coastline offers unique views of the Twelve Apostles, Shipwreck Coast, and numerous hidden bays only accessible by boat.

Which Season is the Best to Charter a Yacht in Melbourne?

When it comes to boat charter in Melbourne, timing is everything. Melbourne experiences a temperate oceanic climate with warm summers and mild winters. The best time to charter a boat and set sail is during the late spring to early autumn months, spanning from November to March.

This period provides pleasant temperatures and less turbulent waters, allowing sailors to experience Melbourne's coastal beauty in all its glory. However, always check local weather forecasts and marine reports to ensure safe and enjoyable sailing conditions.

Reasons for a Weekend of Boat Charter in Melbourne

A weekend boat charter in Melbourne offers a rejuvenating escape from urban life. The tranquil waters provide a serene backdrop for relaxation, while the view of the city's skyline from the sea offers an unparalleled perspective.

This sailing adventure fosters deep connections, making it a perfect bonding experience for families or friends. With the flexibility to craft your itinerary, whether exploring hidden coastal gems or simply drifting with the tide, a boat charter promises an unforgettable Melbourne experience in just a short weekend.

Costs of Boat Charter for a Weekend in Melbourne

Motorboats: from $12,957 for a weekend

Sailboat: from $1,874 for a weekend

Which Boat Type is Best for a Weekend in Melbourne?

For a weekend boat charter in Melbourne, a mid-sized motor yacht or a sailboat might be the best choice. They offer a good balance of luxury and ease of navigation, especially if you're looking to explore specific spots over two days. However, your choice will also depend on your sailing experience and the kind of experience you seek.

Which Places are Best to Visit When Boat Chartering for a Weekend in Melbourne?

A weekend of sailing around Melbourne has several must-see spots:

• Williamstown: A maritime gem with historic significance and picturesque views of the city skyline.

• Sandringham: A serene harbor, perfect for those seeking tranquility.

• Sorrento and Portsea: Renowned seaside towns on the Mornington Peninsula, known for their pristine beaches and captivating coastal vistas.

Reasons for a Week-Long Boat Charter in Melbourne

A week-long boat charter in Melbourne is a voyage into deep relaxation and exploration. This extended time on the waters offers an unparalleled opportunity to discover remote coves, hidden beaches, and serene islands. Moreover, it presents a genuine break from the urban hustle, allowing sailors to unwind and immerse themselves in the tranquil rhythms of the sea, creating a richer and more rejuvenating maritime experience.

Costs of Boat Charter for a Week in Melbourne:

Motorboats: from $30,181 for a week

Which Boat Type is Best for a Week in Melbourne?

For those considering a week of sailing in Melbourne, motor yachts are popular choices. Motor yachts provide speed and luxury, making them perfect for those who aim to cover vast distances in comfort. 

Which Places are Best to Visit for a Week-Long Yacht Charter in Melbourne?

With a week at hand, Melbourne's coastline offers numerous enticing destinations:

• Queenscliff: A charming, historic town where the Bellarine Peninsula meets the entrance of Port Phillip Bay.

• Mornington Peninsula: Stretching your journey to its farther reaches will reward you with serene beaches and coastal villages like Sorrento, Portsea, and Dromana.

• Wilson's Promontory: This national park to the southeast of Melbourne is a sailing dream with its turquoise waters, rugged islands, and abundant marine life.

• French Island: Located in Western Port Bay, this largely untouched gem is ideal for nature enthusiasts, boasting a national park and a plethora of wildlife.

These destinations, when explored over a week, promise a diverse and enriching sailing experience around Melbourne.

What is the Capacity of our Boats in Melbourne?

Motorboats: up to 30 people

RIB: up to 4 people

Sailboat: up to 10 people

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